Joey Stevens

Joseph Stevens (1975 - 1998) , United States

Joey Stevens (1975 - 1998)

F@$K Me Runnin', That's what she said, You ain't rich, B!*@H, That's about as funny as a one legged cat burring Sh!T on a frozen pond", and a million other one liners he was known for is what made Joey such a great friend that you could count on to put a smile on your face at any given moment.
And by "a smile", I mean a gut churning moment of hysteria ... to say the least.

I read about how many kids today are taking "happy pills" so they can cope with life when all we needed back then was a friend like him. He really had that "Don't sweat the small stuff" attitude down solid and is one of the greatest lessons we could all learn. And RE-LEARN.

He was truly loved by many and if he liked you, you were typically given a rather PROFOUND nickname that probably stuck with you for the rest of your school days. I was known then as "smelly" ... Oh I bathed regularly, but hey ... it rhymed. If he didn't like you ... well you probably got a nickname so PROFANE, it's probably still haunting those who were tagged by the witty man.

He was an awesome friend and a dear brother. I seriously doubt we'll run across another soul like that in this life but I think he touched every one of us in some way or another we now know how to be that friend when those we love need it. He was just cool like that.

I can honestly say that my fondest childhood memories were spent with this guy and I wish my own children the same luck in finding such a wonderful friend and sharing such amazing adventures that we did.

You are dearly missed my brother!

  • Genre: Movies
  • Runtime: 17:50


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