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Avoid These Common Mistakes in your Small Business Web Design

Investing in the right website design for your small business is crucial to marketing your company. Without a functional and streamlined website, you're dependent on whatever anyone else might post about your company on review sites and elsewhere online. Your website is your opportunity to showcase the value of working with your business, as an employee or as a client. It also allows for you to project your product offerings and messaging exactly as you wish them to be seen. In doing this, useful information comes up about your small business in search engine results.

There are potential pitfalls when considering small business web design. You need to be wary of these issues when crafting a website for your company.

Offering clear contact information

Providing a transparent way to get in touch with your company is imperative for your website’s success. Customers are often looking to get their questions answered, and will take their business elsewhere if they can't get answers they seek. Providing them with easy access to your social properties, customer service e-mail address, and physical location information will help to alleviate this stress point.

How much is too much?

Consider every item you want to add to your website carefully. Each one will drag visitors' attention away from what you're selling — which is a crucial focal point of any small business' website.

Ads, in particular, can be a problem. The allure of profiting off of ads on your homepage is enticing. The ads are also likely to be listed on competitor’s sites, especially when programmed through automated systems.

Regular updating

Keeping up with your site is simple, but imperative to your site’s success. Providing regular and relevant content will engage your readership and encourage content sharing. You need to be prepared to update your website like you would with any other marketing materials you create. This could materialize as anything from daily blog posts to threaded social content. Keeping the information on your interface fresh will demonstrate your investment in this digital space. Some search engines also rely on how recently updated your website's content is to determine your rankings.

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