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You know what they say about the plumber who has leaky faucetts and the chef who orders take-out?

Same goes for this guy. I've had way too many ideas for this thing swimming around in my head for a very long time, but I think I'm ready to have my own website now.

I get asked often what it is I do for a living, so I thought this website would help describe that a bit more with some visual examples. I tell my kids that "Daddy makes pretty pictures all day" but I realized that may not go over so well in an interview. After giving it some thought, I've committed myself to putting up at least one thing from the archives every other day for a while until I'm comfortable with the amount of diversity.

I liked the back-alley / shelf look because that's kinda how the creative process works for me. You make something then put it on a shelf and usually where no one else will see it. Hopefully this website will change that. Not to mention ... after two hard drives died recently that contained some past works that I was most proud of, I think this will make good practice of archiving the newer projects going forward so this type of digital work will never be completely lost again.

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